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Clinical Pathology

Different tests involved in clinical pathology


Routine Hematology - Complete Blood Count, Peripheral Smear, Blood Group. Special Hematology - Coagulation study, Abnormal Hemoglobin study (Hb Electrophoresis)

Clinical Biochemistry

Blood Sugar, Lipid Profile, Kidney Function Tests, Electrolytes, Liver Function tests, Iron studies, Drug levels,and many more...

Histopathology & IHC

A range of tests for confirmation of different benign and malignant conditions

Auto-Immune Disease Screening

A range of tests & markers for detection of auto-immune diseases

Cytology & Cell-Block

FNAC, Fluid Examination & Cell Block studies


Hormone assays - Thyroid, Infertility (FSH, LH, Prolactin), Estrogen, Progesterone,B-hCG, Testesterone, AMH, DHEA, Cortisol, Tumor Markers- PSA, CA 125, CEA, AFP, CA 19-9, CA15-3, and many more...

Ante-Natal Screening

A range of tests to ensure wellness of mother and child.


Variety of tests for Microbiological diagnosis including culture & sensitivity.

Infectious Disease Screening

A range of tests for detection of infectious diseases like Tuberculosis, Dengue, Malaria etc...

Tests for foreign visits

Tests required for Immigration and visa purpose.

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Mulay Diagnostic Services is one of the 1st speciality referral lab serving Aurangabad since 1984, with 34 yrs of Experience and all the latest technology.

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